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Author's NotesChildren's keyboard with the sounds of farm animals.


Animal Infant Keyboard is a game full of animals such as sheep, cow, chicken, rooster, etc., it is not designed just for your 3 to 5 year old daughter, but for your child as well. Animal music keyboard on your phone or virtual keyboard. It is so easy that even a child can play, make animal sound and play the piano. This game of piano playing, the game where children can play the keyboard with the sound of animals, but they can also make their games, for example, happy birthday. Both boys and girls love this children's music game. In this game of sounds on keys you can find many types of animals. In the next game will consist of children of dog, cat, rabbit, sheep, bear, monkey or even pig.

What is this animals sound game for kids on the theme:
Children games with farm animals but also with coloring games with: birds, fish, insects or mammals.

Keyboard game that has been released: children of wolf, tiger, lion, crocodile, fox, dog, cat, etc.
You can easily tap all over like buttons, colorful buttons to enhance the development for your child.
Both boys and girls love
6 beautiful animals so your children can take their children and learn.

Your kids will chat whenever you want. Chicken cócócó, evel bé bé bé, Let your kids be creative while downloading this free app: keyboard game for children with children of animals. Their children are not so learn children, but they also learn different types of animals that live in the forest, desert, jungle, or antarctica are not exactly in the rainforest and far in the savanna. No matter where you are, in this game you are going to find African, Asian, American, European and of course Australian animals.

If you have child, boy, girl, first grade, high school or in higher grade or 2-5 year old boy even older, do not hesitate to install.

Because kids games are for kids, boys or girls are coming soon.
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Animal Infant Keyboard APK - v1.4

Updated: 2020-09-11

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Novos Animais e agora jogo mais leve.
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