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OS RequireAndroid 4.4 - KitKat
Author's NotesA scientific camera combined with user note, GPS, pitch angle and azimuth angle.


  AngleCam is a scientific camera application combined with GPS information (including latitude, longitude, altitude and accuracy), pitch angles and azimuth angles. In addition, AngleCam can leave a message, and put all information together into a photograph.
For more information, please refer to the following document.
■ The difference between "AngleCam Lite" and "AngleCam Pro."
(1) AngleCam Lite is a free App. AngleCam Pro is a paid App.
(2) AngleCam Lite has a "Powered by AngleCam" text (watermark) in photographs' bottom right corner.
(3) The photo size of AngleCam Lite must be less than 2048x1536 pixels. AngleCam Pro is unlimited.
(4) AngleCam Lite cannot store original photos. (No text photos; 2x storage time)
(5) AngleCam Lite can use 3 columns of comments. AngleCam Pro can use 10 columns of comments.
(6) AngleCam Lite keeps the last 10 comments. AngleCam Pro version keeps the last 30 comments.
(7) AngleCam Pro can use the text watermark, the graphic watermark, and the graphic central point.
(8) AngleCam Pro can import a user-defined font file.
(9) AngleCam Pro is ad-free.
Attention: If you cannot install this application, it means your mobile device doesn't have an accelerometer sensor or a magnetometer sensor. You may be interested in another application which is called "NoteCam." However, NoteCam doesn't include pitch angle information, azimuth angle information, and a horizontal line.
■ If you have a problem with the coordinates (GPS), please read the instructions below.
An App receives the coordinates sent by Android, if
□ Unable to capture coordinates: This is a problem with the mobile phone, and has nothing to do with the App.
□ The positioning speed is slow: This is also a problem with the mobile phone, and it is also related to the positioning method. However, it has nothing to do with the App.
□ Cannot catch altitude: This is related to the positioning method and has nothing to do with the App. Network positioning may not have an altitude value.
□ Poor accuracy: This is related to the positioning method and has nothing to do with the App. Please understand that Android provides "accuracy" value because the coordinates are "inaccurate". Large values may be normal.
■ There are two positioning method.
□ Network positioning (indoor): A-GPS, the accuracy can be large. If the value is less than 3000m, the accuracy is normal.
□ Satellite positioning (outdoor): Satellite GPS. The accuracy should be small. If the value is less than 300m, the accuracy is normal.
For more information, please read for details.
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AngleCam Lite - Angular Camera APK - v5.10

Updated: 2021-02-20

What's new

■ Version 5.7
[Add] Camera preview size (Camera setting)

■ Version 5.6
[Add] Reprocess photos (in Settings) (Paid version only)
[Add] Save KML files (KML setting)
[Update] Language update (Korean)

■ Version 5.5
[Add] Taking photos through other apps. (Paid version only)

■ Version 5.4
[Update] New date, time and time zone setting format.
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5.10 (201)2021-02-20
5.9 (188)2020-11-12
5.7 (179)2020-08-13
5.7 (176)2020-08-02
5.6 (170)2020-07-14
5.6 (166)2020-06-25
5.5 (158)2020-06-01
5.4 (154)2020-05-14
5.1.2 (134)2020-03-19
5.1.1 (130)2020-01-16
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