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America’s Voice is an American 24/7 news and entertainment network, featuring breaking news and political entertainment. America’s Voice, is a unique blend of quality programming aimed at sparking conversation, educating viewers and serving as a much-needed check and balance in the political media sphere. One voice rises above the din of often-biased media coverage.

Join us in redefining the political zeitgeist of our era. Here at America’s Voice we shine the spotlight on hot-button issues. 24/7/365 we’re hard at work, bringing you news and information from the brightest politicos, celebrities and news personalities. This is where politics become accessible.

This is where politics become accessible. We lend a voice to the voiceless, passionately raising issues and providing a forum for you to carry the conversation forward across our website, social media and interactive applications.
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America's Voice APK - v2.0

Updated: 2020-12-22

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New App. New Layout. Redesigned for easier use.
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