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OS RequireAndroid 4.1.x - Jelly Bean
Author's NotesMaster the magic of MUD!


In the beginning, there was nothing... and suddenly, the Great Spark illuminated the void, and Otto Land was born!

Though every creature in Otto Land has a fragment of the Spark within them, humans are never born with the gift of magic. But every generation gives rise to those with the courage to take it for themselves: Wizards.

Now that courage is needed more than ever. A dark miasma has settled over the world, evil Dragons have reawakened... and all that stands in their way is an apprentice Wizard.


1. Gain power 24/7!
Raise your Mage Rank to unlock Auto-Research, and you'll be an Archmage in no time!
2. Expand your skills with Unions!
Join forces with other Wizards to unlock the lost arts of spellcraft, smithing, and potionmaking. Can you master all six Elements?
3. Build your own Manor and forge Equipment! Optimize your Manor's layout to boost production, and create mysterious potions and artifacts in your Magic Tower.
4. Venture into dangerous ruins and fight for glory! Face the challenges ahead and slay the dragons below, and tales of your deeds will live forever!

Will you allow dragons to rule humanity... or fight for a better world? Accept your destiny and become a Wizard!

If you've been hunting for a fulfilling and fun idle game, AFK Wizard is exactly what you're looking for.
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AFK Wizard APK - v1.0.8.7

Updated: 2020-07-17

What's new

1. App now does not request any unnecessary permission;
2. Added Achievements for completing Stages;
3. Improved logic and visual of Crusade;
4. Various UI improvements;
5. Now Divine Guidance and Mirror Illusion unlocks at lower Wizard Rank;
6. Bugfixes and optimizations;
7. Fixed a bug that prevent players from downloading configuration files.
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