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Author's NotesEnsemble, Assemble!


The Aerophone GO Ensemble app lets up to seven Aerophone GO / mini players perform together wirelessly. Once connected to this free app, each group member can access 19 sounds on the smartphone , and each musician can choose a different sound. The sound from the group is mixed in the smartphone , and by connecting a small monitor speaker (such as the battery-powered Roland Cube Street EX) everyone can hear and react to the resulting ensemble – perfect for street performances, jam sessions or classroom learning.

・Up to seven Aerophone GO / mini players connect to a smartphone and perform together
・Each player can choose from 19 sounds on the app
・The sound of the ensemble is output from the smartphone *
・Each Aerophone GO / mini wirelessly connects to smartphone via Bluetooth

*You need to turn off the internal volume of the Aerophone GO
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Aerophone GO Ensemble APK - v1.0.1

Updated: 2018-07-29

What's new

Aerophone mini is supported.
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1.0.1 (3)2018-07-29