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Author's NotesGet Fall Guys and play with 60 players in battle gameplay.


We asked you before to submit your own designs for Fall Guys costumes and offered a top prize of having your design brought to life by our artists and added into the game, in the future, for all to enjoy.

We are very excited to announce that we have officially picked the first winner!

In an ideal world, you would all be winners, and we would put them all into the game.

Obviously, we don’t have those kinds of resources…

so in true Falling Guys spirit… only one contestant can get the crown.

We were so impressed with entries that we decided to choose an additional 10 shortlist entries.

So this application was made to help you to know everything you want about fall guys game, You will find many tips and tricks. And in this wiki app, you will discover how to complete all Rounds in the easiest way.



Dash through a dizzying array of obstacles to reach the finish line! Spinning plates, rolling balls and yet more spinning plates stand between your Fall G and qualification.

Keep your eye on the prize or end up eliminated!


Fall Guys must temporarily team up to balance across massive See Saws in a mad dash to the finish!


Dive head-first through set after set of doors on your way to the finish line but be warned, only some doors give way while others end in a pile up of squished Fall Guys! Download the app to see more rounds!!

Please Read: This app is only for tips, it has informations and tips.

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Advices for Fall Guys! FALLING GUY Ultimate Guide APK - v9

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