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OS RequireAndroid 5.0 - Lollipop
Author's NotesFile Sync and Share That’s Secure and Easy-to-Use


With Acronis Files, your team is better connected, more productive and more secure when using their Android mobile devices as an extension of your organization – whether they are sharing files with colleagues, customers, partners, or vendors.
NOTE: This mobile app is for use with the business-class Acronis Files Cloud or Acronis Files Advanced solutions. Contact your company's IT organization or service provider for help setting up the app.
With Acronis Files you can:
• Securely browse files located on enterprise file servers, such as SharePoint servers, NAS, CMIS, and Acronis servers
• Effortlessly access files on Distributed File System (DFS) shares
• Easily edit and create Office documents within the app (e.g..doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx. ppt, .pptx)
• Quickly search for files by file name or content
• Privately share folders or documents to collaborate or give recipients “view-only” access
• Clearly annotate PDF files within the app for review and approval
• Automatically sync folders and files 1-way or 2-ways between server and device
• Completely protect your files with built-in encryption and access controls
• Selectively remote-wipe all app configuration and in-app files on lost or stolen devices

Learn more about Acronis Files Advanced
Learn more about Acronis Files Cloud
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Acronis Files APK - v8.0.0.2937

Updated: 2020-09-04

What's new

• The application renamed to Acronis Cyber Files. The new name represents the company vision on data protection and security.
• Refactored app to improve stability and performance.
• Added support for Android Enterprise.
• Added file editing for secure Microsoft Office documents.
• Added file & folder sharing options.
• Updated SDK to improve user experience with PDF files.
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