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Author's NotesWeather forecast accurate 2020, best live weather forecast app with features.


Available global and local, you can see your weather forecast channel for today, next hours, tomorrow, next days, next week, accurate weather information for everywhere and anytime. Every cities in the world without any limit. Local weather forecast and real time rain, storm, sunset sunrise time, ice, snow reports, relative humidity, temperature, precipitation, wind speed and direction, atmospheric pressure.
Comes with new design chart graph circle in the middle to manage and view weekly, hourly and daily weather.
Weather forecast detects your current location automatically by using GPS or search for many locations in the world (North America, South America, Antarctica, Boston weather, Tokyo weather, South korea weather, london, madrid, toronto, Africa, Europe, Japan, Korea, Asia and Oceania) 🌦 🌞🌎

🌦 Weather features:

- Weather forecast for global, All is free, weekly, daily, hourly live update with real time.

- Accurate weather for local, for all country: Canada, United States (US), Brazil, United Kingdom (UK), Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Russia, Germany, France, Portugal, Spain, Finland, Greece, Turkey, Sweden, Spain, Norway, Venezuela, Australia, India, Japan, South Korea, China, Thailand..

- Live weather for all cities: Paris, California, New York, London, Houston, Washington, San Francisco, San Francisco, Texas, Georgia, Florida, Ottawa, Hawaii, Toronto, Dallas, Nashville, Kansas City, Rome, Madrid, Oslo, Paris, Nancy, Lile, Brest, Marseille, Rennes, Reims, Chamonix, Hanoi, Lyon, Metz, Seoul, Strasbourg, Berlin, Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong, Ho Chi Minh, Dubai, Johannesburg, New delhi, ....

- Various weather information. Displays all information of weather channel : location time, temperature, atmospheric pressure, weather condition, visibility distance, relative humidity, precipitation in different unites, dew point, wind speed and direction, cloud cover, UV index, sunrise Time, sunset Time, Precipitation Probability....

- Today, tomorrow, 3 days later, 7 days later (14 days soon). Weather for today, tomorrow’s weather… hourly weather in each hour and week.

- Automatic Detect location by GPS and network. Easy and quick search and manage multiple locations.

- Supported Enable and disable weather notification.

- Weather Forecast Widget local and worldwide update in Real time widget.

- New chart graph design manage and view hourly and daily weather channel.

- Local storm weather reports maps & weather radar animations with blizzard & hurricane tracker: Rain, snow, clouds, wind, temperature, Relative Humidity, wave, pressure, current.

- Change unit setting: Temperature (C / F), Time format (12h / 24h), Precipitation (inch, mm), wind speed (km/h, mi/h, m/s, knot), pressure (mmhg, hPa, mbar, bar, psi, inHg, mmHg)

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Accurate Weather - Live Weather Forecast APK - v2.0.7

Updated: 2020-09-12

What's new

- New Radar added !
- Bugs fixed & optimised
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2.0.7 (7)2020-09-12
2.0.5 (5)2020-08-14
2.0.4 (4)2020-06-30
2.0.3 (3)2020-05-31
2.0.2 (2)2020-05-04
2.0.1 (1)2020-02-22