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Living with Multiple Sclerosis presents unique lifestyle and health-related challenges on a daily basis. Meet Aby, your digital MS support and healthcare companion.

Aby is a free MS companion app designed to help you live well with Multiple Sclerosis. With Aby, you can access health and wellness information; inspiration and support; and a variety of practical tools, all in one app. Our goal is to provide you with a valuable companion app to support your health and wellness throughout your MS journey.

Aby provides 4 key free features:
* A personal journal to keep track of your health, visualize your data and share reports with your healthcare and support teams
* Tailored content centered on living with MS, including tips, inspiration and news about health and wellness
* Wellness programs designed by healthcare professionals tailored to the needs of your specific condition
* Access to a Nurse Educator who can answer questions you may have about living with Multiple Sclerosis


When your healthcare team fully understands your MS symptoms and condition between appointments, you can make better decisions together. The journal functions as your MS diary: Aby can help you keep track of your moods, symptoms, treatments, physical activities, and more.

Use the journal to type or dictate notes; create trackers for symptoms and medications; and set up treatment notifications or appointment reminders. You can even link Aby to your Google Fit to track your steps. The journal also allows you to create reports that you can share and discuss with your medical and healthcare teams.


Explore articles and videos with tips for living with Multiple Sclerosis; suggestions to improve your wellness; information about common MS symptoms; patient testimonials of their experiences with MS; and educational content about living with the condition. Aby also includes an audio-reading feature, making the content even more accessible.

For a more personalized experience on your MS companion app, customize the type of content you’re most interested in.


Access wellness programs designed specifically for people living with Multiple Sclerosis. We work with MS experts, rehabilitation specialists and healthcare professionals to create tailored physical exercise and mindfulness programs for people living with MS. Aby is constantly working to develop new and relevant wellness guides, like a nutrition program tailored for people living with MS, coming soon!

Based on guidance from your healthcare team, you can choose in-app programs with the appropriate level of intensity for you and your MS. Remember, everyone’s experience with Multiple Sclerosis is different, and your healthcare team should always be your primary source for any information about your condition.


Directly in the app, connect with Nurse Educators who have extensive knowledge of Multiple Sclerosis. While your healthcare team should be your primary source of information for any questions related to medical treatment or your specific condition, our Nurse Educators are available to answer your MS-related questions and to provide you with support when you need it.

Aby: an app to support all people living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Promoting health and wellness with tailored content, access to a Nurse Educator, and more!

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Aby: Support app for Multiple Sclerosis patients APK - v1.10.0

Updated: 2021-02-23

What's new

We listen to you
Many of you were waiting for the journal (feature) to evolve and here it is!
Simpler: a one-step reminder creation
Clearer: all your information displayed at a glance
Customizable: Editable notes & tracker customization
Accurate: A more visual injection tracker to assist you
Go and check it out, we hope this will serve you well.
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1.10.0 (2021021816)2021-02-23
1.8.17 (2021020121)2021-02-03
1.8.16 (2021011421)2021-01-15
1.8.15 (2012211611)2020-12-23
1.8.12-RC1 (2011061552)2020-11-16
1.8.10-RC10 (2010121745)2020-10-16
1.8.8-RC1 (2008241339)2020-09-03
1.8.7-RC1 (2008051806)2020-08-07
1.8.6-RC5 (2007311713)2020-08-04
1.8.5-RC2 (2007091050)2020-07-14
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