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OS RequireAndroid 5.0 - Lollipop
Author's NotesThe new smartphone app for ABB-free@home®.


Note: This app only works with a ABB-free@home® Smart Home System with an installed firmware version 2.5.0 or higher.

The ABB-free@home® Next app was developed from scratch so that you can operate your ABB-free@home system quickly and intuitively.

It enables the programming and operation of your free@home system. Whether blinds, lights, heating, air conditioning, scenes, time programs, Philips Hue or Sonos devices: All functions of your free@home system can be controlled via this app.

With the myBuildings remote access, you can connect the app to your free@home system via the Internet and conveniently control your house from anywhere in the world or simply call up the "house status".

New functions of the Next app:

The ABB-free@home® Next app offers 4 different pages to control all aspects of your free@home system. The pages can be accessed via the lower control bar:


This page offers a quick overview of what's going on in your home:

- The "Status" tiles show you how many lights are on, how many shutters are open, whether windows are open and whether the alarm system is switched on. A short tab on a tile can e.g. the light can be turned off directly.
- The "Weather" window tile shows you the weather data of your free@home weather station.
- The "Next switching times" window tile shows the two functions that are to be switched next using an automated time program. The event can be suspended once using the slider. A tab on the switching times overview shows all switching events for the next 24 hours.
- The "favoritesFavorites" are a collection of individually selected functions. The selection is made by setting the "star" symbol. The function can be carried out directly via a tab on the small blue symbol in the top right corner of the favorites tile. The function in full screen view is called up via a tab on the main area of the tile, which offers even more setting options.

The order of the functional areas can be changed using the bubble at the bottom of the home page.


Here you can access all devices of your free@home installation. Optionally sorted by trades or by installation location (the switch is made using the symbol at the top right of the page).

All devices are displayed sorted according to their device class (light, blinds, temperature, others).

Installation location
All devices are displayed according to the configured installation location.


All of the automated processes you have created, such as timers, scenes and actions, are listed here.

Existing time programs can be activated / deactivated.

Scenes can be started with a tab on the blue symbol. The scene is called up in full screen view via a tab on the main area of the tile.

Actions can be activated / deactivated.


Notification center
All system messages are saved here.

Here you can connect your free@home system and your smart phone to the myBuildings portal.

Minimum Requirements: The app only works with a free@home system installed in your home (from firmware version 2.5.0). The free@home system must be integrated into your home network. A WIFI network is needed to access the system via your mobile devices and the app.
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ABB-free@home® Next APK - vv1.5.0-22

Updated: 2020-10-08

What's new

- The weather station is now recording the data of the last hour
- New switching times can be created in a timer with the new "Live-mode"
- Sensors can now also be linked to actuators via the configuration menu
- The coupling of SysAP and app can be carried out using a QR code
- The migration assistant can be run via the app
- The initial commissioning wizard can be carried out via the app
- Firmware updates can now be started via the app
- Various bug fixes and stability improvements
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v1.5.0-22 (9652)2020-10-08
v1.4.0-23 (8976)2020-09-08
v1.3.0-23 (8396)2020-08-08
v1.2.1-3 (7806)2020-07-17
v1.2.0-30 (7695)2020-07-15
v1.0.2-8 (6237)2020-05-24


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