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Author's NotesBring back the 80s! Movies, Music, Bands, Logos, Celebrities, Events, and More!


Show off your general knowledge of '80s movies, music, brands, games, fashion, and toys with this incredible '80s quiz.

How well do you remember the 80s? Back then, we didn't even have the Internet. Those were the days. Explore hundreds of levels, covering all of your favorite memories from the 80s.

Simple and addictive, you will find yourself picking up this trivia quiz several times a day. Get 200 free coins each day you play, with which you can buy hints and letters.

The rules are simple: Just guess what the image is showing. It could be a movie, tv show, article of clothing, logo, brand, a favorite toy when you were younger, or a video game that you once loved and should download and play once again.

For each level that you solve, you will be rewarded with free coins based on the length of the answer. Play everyday for free coins.

The 80s were a much simpler time. Music was better, movies were more amazing, and wearing the latest fashionable clothing was essential. Nobody you knew had a cell phone.

This game will bring back all your memories of the beloved '80s, from movies you loved, to clothes you and your friends wore.

Compete with your friends and family to see who remembers the 80s the best. You will also be quizzed on 80s celebs, logos, brands, cartoons, and collectibles from this incredible decade.

If you grew up in the 1980s this game is for you. If you were at your peak purchasing power in the 80s, this game is for you. If you loved the 80s but were more of a 60s or 70s or 90s type of person, this game is still for you. Most of you probably have a personal connection to almost all of the 635 levels of this quiz game.

Good luck and enjoy this 80s quiz blast of nostalgia!
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80s Quiz - Nostalgia TV, Fashion, Toys, and Games APK - v1.5

Updated: 2020-10-08

What's new

- lots more free coins, updated base sdk, interstitial ads
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