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Author's NotesIt is an application designed to remind you the time to meditate.


It is an application designed to remind you the time to meditate. Schedule and control your meditation time. This way you get quieter and more focused.

5 minutes. We do a lot of things during this time. Brush our teeth, take the car out of the garage, zap between the TV channels. Open and close the refrigerator, wait for a taxi, send an e-mail. Thousands of common tasks of our daily life happening without our being aware of it.

What if you stop for five minutes to think about nothing? Not really about nothing: about you.

For this was created the balloon, which represents how the mind should be during meditation: empty, free of thoughts. The lightness of the balloon, free to move in the nature, is the state of mind we try to reach when we meditate.
This is the mission of the campaign 5 MINUTES, I MEDITATE, a project of the organization MANOS SIN FRONTERAS.
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5' Minutes, I Meditate APK - v3.0.16

Updated: 2020-02-07

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