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OS RequireAndroid 6.x - Marshmallow
Author's NotesThe best god simulator in the clicker games genre! Evolve your world box!🌎


Did you ever imagine, how is it to create your own world by ruling the whole universe in one of the most innovative clicker games? Then play the role of god in one of the best god simulator. Evolve your world box through the ages, in the most immersive idle game ever!

You start to craft your own world after big bang which has created first living forms on your world, but that's just the beginning! Use the mechanics from clicker games to progress further! Heaven wants more, so discover legendary species to gain more boost, optimize your income, complete the quests, upgrade your statistics, click to gain energy and of course claim rewards!

- 🔁 Unique prestige system
- 🔒 Well designed unfolding content
- 🌎 World box - god simulator
- 🐘 Hundreds of species to discover
- 🔨 Cool craft and inventory system
- 📜 Dozens of quests from heavens to do
- ⌚ Long idle game
- 🖐️ Immersive clicker games features.

Don't wait anymore! Try our god simulator and manage your world box starting by downloading one of the most innovative idle game within clicker games genre right away!
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🔱Almighty: Multiplayer god idle clicker game🔱 APK - v3.0.4

Updated: 2020-10-22

What's new

- Guild shop video/ticket gift rewards
- [hotfix] crash when using multipliers.
- [fix] not visible enhance stone in panel
- [fix] updated game engine
- [fix] not working 3rd party sdk's
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3.0.4 (1413231)2020-10-22
2.9.1 (1413181)2020-09-07
2.8.1 (1412961)2020-07-25
2.7.2 (1412941)2020-07-20
2.6.1 (1412911)2020-07-03
2.5.0 (1412891)2020-06-20
2.3.1 (1412871)2020-06-14
2.2.0 (1412851)2020-06-02
2.1.5 (1412831)2020-05-23
2.0.5 (1412781)2020-05-15
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