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OS RequireAndroid 5.0 - Lollipop
Author's NotesA Collage of Cats and Curio


Welcome to Cats Atelier, a charming tale of art, romance, and adventure. Enjoy satisfying match-three puzzles alongside an adorable cast of feline friends.


The story begins in the whimsical milieu of 19th century Paris with our hero, Vincent Van Meowogh, a struggling painter residing in the ramshackle home of his late master. Drowning in debt and facing eviction, Van Meowogh must succeed as an artist and sell his paintings in order to save his home. Players help their faithful feline companion through the trials and travails of becoming a famous artist.

A charming ensemble of wealthy patrons, crafty merchants, and famous artists such as Dali, Picasso and others join the fun along the way. In addition to the story mode, players can join special events and collect items to customize Van Meowogh’s home and wardrobe, all inside an enchanting storybook world. With a delightful soundtrack, endearing plot, and addictive puzzles, Cats Atelier is sure to stimulate your senses and warm your heart.


●CHALLENGING MATCH-3 PUZZLES: New and exciting levels are added regularly to provide hours of engaging and addicting gameplay.

●DAZZLING HOME MAKEOVER: Help Meowogh restore his master’s home by completing puzzle stages! Beautify your home with the help of a variety of colorful characters.

●ENCHANTING DESIGN AND CHARACTERS: Picasso, Gauguin, Dali, Hokusai, Monet, and other famous painters appear throughout to regale and delight players with humorous dialogue and story-driven missions. An immersive world sure to leave you feeling all fluffy inside!

●EXCITING DAILY EVENTS: Get exclusive rewards by playing fun and thrilling events!

●UNLIMITED CHARACTER CUSTOMIZATION: Get unique dress-up items by participating in special events! Show off your fashion sense and create tailor-made outfits for Meowogh!

●FUN-FILLED FACEBOOK INTEGRATION: Invite your friends on Facebook, and work together to solve super tough puzzles and special stages! The more, the merrier!

PLEASE NOTE: Cats Atelier is completely free to download and play, but includes special in game items that can be purchased via your Apple Account. To disable this feature, turn off the “in-app purchases” option in your device settings.
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Cats Atelier - A Meow Match 3 Game APK - v2.8.3

Updated: 2020-09-12

What's new

【Update information】

・Minor bug fixes and specification changes within the game.

And lastly, we would like to thank everyone for all the reviews, comments and bug reports.
We read each and every one of them, and use them as a reference to provide a better gaming experience for everyone.
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2.8.3 (20803)2020-09-12
2.8.1 (20801)2020-07-15
2.8.0 (20800)2020-07-08
2.7.9 (20709)2020-06-09
2.7.8 (20708)2020-04-10
2.7.7 (20707)2020-04-06
2.7.4 (20704)2020-03-04
2.7.2 (20702)2020-02-20
2.7.0 (20700)2020-01-29
2.6.8 (20608)2020-01-15
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