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Author's NotesYokai Fantasy World―― XROSS CHRONICLE ――


The Dimension of Yokai has opened!
Yokai Fantasy World


▼ A long time ago, an opening in the dimension brought alien beings to the world.
Humans called these aliens beings the Yokai.

▼ "Fusion System" allows humans and Yokais to become one
Use the power of fellow Yokais or humans to fight against powerful enemies.
Devise various strategies with different Fusion combinations!

▼ The key to a thrilling 3D battle is various character skills
Fast and dynamic battle scenes with 3D characters also add to the thrill!
Make full use of a variety of skills and race through the battlefield!

▼ Enjoy the game to the fullest in various modes
Big monster raids, PvP arenas, various dungeons and much more!
Story mode is only the beginning, endless content await the players!

▼ New content Scalar Tower!
Create the best team to defeat fearsome enemies!
The more characters you have, more strategic teams you can create!
Challenge the Scarlar Tower with your collection of characters!

▼ Auto Play, time-saving features! Stress-free gameplay
Auto Play, Battle Speed settings & Auto Repeat Play with detailed settings are available!
Enjoy the game in your spare time.

▼ Characters rich in individuality and character voice recorded by famous voice actors
Many unique characters from the original story.
Pay attention to the full-voice scenario recorded by famous Japanese voice actors!

※ The App may not work properly on devices with less than 1.5GB of memory or less than AOS version 4.4

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Updated: 2020-05-31

What's new

〈Xross Chronicle! Updates〉

* New Character "Desitra", "Cynistra" *
- System improved
- Bugs fixed
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