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Author's Notesقرنتافاي - Grintafy


اهلا بك في المنصة الاجتماعيه لكورتك!

انشئ ملفك الرياضي وشارك اصدقائك اللعب فأي وقت وبأي مكان.

أبدا تمرين وادعو اصدقائك للعب، ما كتمل العدد؟ اسمح للاعبين اخرين لعيبه يشاركوا معاك.
خلصت تمرينك؟ حدث مجتمعك باحصائيات التمرين وارفع صورك واهدافك... كون ملفك الرياضي.

ملاعب جديده تضاف بشكل اسبوعي... اقضي وقت أكثر في اللعب وأنسى هم البحث عن ملعب ودفع العربون... سهلنالك كل شي!

احجز، العب، اتكلم كوره!

Welcome to “The” social platform of “Your” Football!

Book. Ball. Brag.

Create your football profile, promote it and play with your friends anytime anywhere.
Start pickup games and invite friends. Still need players? Allow others to request to play and join your game!
Done with the game? Now update your network with your achievements in the game and upload videos/images of your goals/skills. Tired of looking for fields? Review list of fields in the area, select one that suites your preference and pay online. New fields are added weekly.

We made it easy for you!
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قرنتافاي - Grintafy APK - v4.21

Updated: 2021-01-24

What's new

Hello Grintafiers…

Cool and existing updates we worked on past month…
Hey youth players, we got you covered this time.

Your profile is now unique with different colors adapted to the club you're playing in 
Club accounts in the app have been officially verified with complete information including establishment date, titles, and number youth players in the club
You can now see how many people watched your goal through the new "view" addition.

Improvements and bugs fixing.
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4.21 (54)2021-01-24
4.20 (53)2021-01-05
4.19 (52)2021-01-04
4.18 (51)2020-12-22
4.16 (49)2020-12-13
4.15 (48)2020-11-17
4.14 (47)2020-11-15
4.13 (46)2020-10-01
4.12 (43)2020-09-16
4.11 (42)2020-08-22
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