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Author's NotesThe gypsy divination shows how will pass next day or answers the question


In front of you is a very special deck of cards, dissimilar of a standard deck. In fact, this is the divination-solitaire (in a solitaire is to necessarily something should converge). It consists of simple drawings, symbols, intuitive everyone. The Gypsies drew them exactly like this because everyone could use them. Even uneducated people who could not read the decryption of this symbols. For example, the sun. About a happy man always said that around him the sun shines brightly. A gleam of swords talked about an enmity, symbolized quarrel - people with attitude "at sword's points" with each other. The most often cards used for a card spread of the coming day. In rare cases, they focused on a specific question. You can lay out cards not more than three times a day. Many results just only confuses and does not give an answer if you often tell fortune. So if you decide to lay out one day or one inmost question three times, you need to pay special attention to those symbols that often converges, repeats. They are the most probable outcome. Why up to three times? During these card spreads, you can distract from the urgent problems and it is better to focus on your question.
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Updated: 2018-09-25

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