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Author's NotesRuler App, vernier caliper, digital building level, Bubble Level, measuring tape


Now there is no need to have a bunch of measuring tools in your pocket, you only need a smartphone or tablet. In our app there is a ruler, tape measure, vernier caliper, construction level, rollometer. 5 tools in one application that do not need to be taken with you.

The on-screen bar contains a number of functions:
- length measurement
- Determination of thickness
- distance measurement
- Setting units: cm or inch.

The electronic ruler allows you to make any measurements where you need to find the length, radius, distance, thickness, etc.

Digital Ruler - Applications:

- at school or while doing homework (the online ruler on the smartphone screen will measure the length of the sides of any figures and segments, help translate millimeters to centimeters or meters, or translate inches to centimeters, etc.);

- in repair and construction (roulette will make the required calculations of the parameters - length, width, thickness, radius, gaps, distances). A building digital or bubble level can be used to determine deviations from the vertical or horizontal axes. This function is convenient and ergonomic - there is no need to carry these dimensional tools with you.

- in the workshop or garage (electronic vernier caliper and online ruler will become indispensable assistants);

- in sewing and pattern (virtual ruler will make it possible to line and mark the fabric);

Of course, these are not all areas of application application. A ruler for measuring various parameters, a measuring tape and a vernier caliper can be used wherever calculations, distance measurements, or even determination of the thread pitch on bolts or screws are required. For example, in a garden or greenhouse, if you want the holes to be at a certain distance from each other.

The main advantage of the application is its wide construction functionality. The digital building level is simple and easy to use.
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Ruler, Bubble Level, Vernier Caliper, Measurement APK - v1.4.9

Updated: 2020-08-14

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